Sensory Deprivation Secrets Exposed: Float Therapy Offers The Benefit Of Radiant Skin?

A lot of wellness trends seem to come and go. A recent trend has been sensory deprivation, which uses floating spas to decrease stress, lower anxiety and more. In fact, what people are realizing is that one of the biggest benefits happens to be healthier skin. So how does this all work, and is it worth checking out?

How Sensory Deprivation and Float Therapy Works

Sensory Deprivation, or float therapy, is a relatively simple concept. Basically, a person is put in a tank filled with about a foot (or more) of salt water. The water is heated to skin temperature, and a person in the nude attempts to cut the body off from all outside stimulation. Advanced tanks eliminate sound and sight by closing the door during the session.

Skin Benefits of Float Therapy

There are a ton of benefits to float therapy, both from a skin perspective and just in general. While not everyone goes into float therapy thinking about improved skin, magnesium sulfate can really help out a lot. Here are some of the skin benefits.


Magnesium sulfate is one of the most useful, natural exfoliators out there. It can help remove dead skin cells to showcase radiant skin. It also helps out to clear pores, which in turn prevents breakouts. The majority of people around the world are deficient in magnesium, so just one float therapy session can help with that.

Skin Repair

Epsom salt can help with skin repair in two ways. First, it strips the skin of oil, which helps fight acne, eczema, psoriasis and more. It also keeps any open wounds or skin irritations clean.

Some skin issues are directly linked to stress, which is one of the main things float therapy helps with. Therefore, even without impacting the skin directly in some ways, it is helping indirectly. Less stress is always a good thing for the skin.

Hair Improvement

Hair is closely related to skin care, so it makes sense that float therapy can help with that as well. A lot of products used for hair can actually do damage, but salts can help bring hair back to life. It works best by restoring natural shine in hair and clearing it of any messy build up. Most people will notice their hair looking a little thicker after float therapy.

Other Benefits

The skin benefits alone are great, but what are some of the other benefits of float therapy? Here is a closer look at the main ones.

Sleep Improvement

Since float therapy is meant to be a relaxing experience, it can help with sleep issues. This is because floating sessions allow a person to understand what they need to do to wind down from busy days. Relaxation methods are figured out along the way, which can be used later at night. Above all else, learning relaxation techniques can be greatly beneficial from float therapy.

Muscle Recovery

Any type of flotation therapy can help with the reduction of lactic acid in the body, which in turn reduces pain level. A lot of athletes have incorporated float therapy as a way for them to recover much more quickly to get back in the action.

Creativity Boosts

Although it is hard to document, a lot of people cite a creativity boost when talking about all the benefits of float therapy. A lot of this has to do being able to relax and have a free mind during each session. Sometimes, a clear mind can make all the difference in the world for creative thinkers.

How To Find Float Therapy Spas in Your Area?

The best way to find float therapy spas in a specific area is to use DaoCloud. It is a unique resource designed to connect people with sensory deprivation centers as well as float therapy spas all over the United States. It is free to use, and local searches can get people started with the process right away.