New Product Discovery: The Lowdown On NovaBelle Cream

Everyone wants their face to look healthy, vibrant, and young. For this reason, skincare products are in high demand throughout the world. NovaBelle Cream was released pretty recently, however it claims to produce some amazing results. Let’s look closer at what this new product offers, how it works, and what all of the excitement is about.

One of the main benefits of NovaBelle is that it reduces dark circles beneath the eyes. It hydrates and nourishes the skin effectively, so that the eyes regain their youthful glow. Undoubtedly, these types of facial blemishes can highly visible and undesirable, so eliminating them is a big plus for people who want to counteract the aging process.

Often, the face starts to age during stressful periods of a person’s life. Whether it’s from debris or free radicals, the skin can react negatively these external factors. People who become stressed might notice lines forming on their face. NovaBelle allows them to get rid of these lines with ease through hydrating the skin. Please keep in mind that hydration isn’t a new concept, the type of skin you have is a big factor, and there are other circumstances which may influence skin appearance such as diet and the amount of water you’re drinking each day.

Wrinkles are another thing that many people want to reduce. Elastin and collagen both help to maintain the structure of the skin. NovaBelle contains these elements and can minimize the appearance of fine lines that form on the face.

Indeed, the ingredients used in NovaBelle are extremely safe for every skin type. Many topical creams on the market harm the skin, because they are filled with substandard ingredients. NovaBelle contains other ingredients such as Aloe Vera, which replenishes the skin after it has been exposed to sunlight. It contains Retinol as well, which is proven to reverse the effects of aging.

The skin has a layer of protection called the epidermis, and this becomes weaker as time passes. Aging is further facilitated by pollution, UV rays, glare from computer screens and smoke, etc. All this can leave the skin vulnerable and disfigured.

NovaBelle has been designed to hinder, or even stop this completely in certain instances relating to dry skin. It does this by improving levels of hydration and ensuring that the skin is properly nourished. This product also reshapes the skin and reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, color correction is fairly evident for most people, once their skin receives the right treatment.

NovaBelle works so well because of its’ ingredients. Of course, no two people are the same, so some will experience better results from the product than others. Notwithstanding, the feedback from most people who have used NovaBelle is complimentary. In addition, the manufacturer backs this product 100 percent. If a customer does not want to buy NovaBelle straightaway, they can register for a two week trial offer for only $4.99.

NovaBelle is available to buy on the manufacturer’s website Customers can safely submit their credit card details, and their order will be delivered within two or three days.

Further details about the product can be discovered on the manufacturer’s blog at This contains lots of insights that enable people to learn much more about the cream they are using on their skin. From indepth instructions to a full breakdown of ingredients, this blog is an excellent resource to consult.

Sensory Deprivation Secrets Exposed: Float Therapy Offers The Benefit Of Radiant Skin?

A lot of wellness trends seem to come and go. A recent trend has been sensory deprivation, which uses floating spas to decrease stress, lower anxiety and more. In fact, what people are realizing is that one of the biggest benefits happens to be healthier skin. So how does this all work, and is it worth checking out?

How Sensory Deprivation and Float Therapy Works

Sensory Deprivation, or float therapy, is a relatively simple concept. Basically, a person is put in a tank filled with about a foot (or more) of salt water. The water is heated to skin temperature, and a person in the nude attempts to cut the body off from all outside stimulation. Advanced tanks eliminate sound and sight by closing the door during the session.

Skin Benefits of Float Therapy

There are a ton of benefits to float therapy, both from a skin perspective and just in general. While not everyone goes into float therapy thinking about improved skin, magnesium sulfate can really help out a lot. Here are some of the skin benefits.


Magnesium sulfate is one of the most useful, natural exfoliators out there. It can help remove dead skin cells to showcase radiant skin. It also helps out to clear pores, which in turn prevents breakouts. The majority of people around the world are deficient in magnesium, so just one float therapy session can help with that.

Skin Repair

Epsom salt can help with skin repair in two ways. First, it strips the skin of oil, which helps fight acne, eczema, psoriasis and more. It also keeps any open wounds or skin irritations clean.

Some skin issues are directly linked to stress, which is one of the main things float therapy helps with. Therefore, even without impacting the skin directly in some ways, it is helping indirectly. Less stress is always a good thing for the skin.

Hair Improvement

Hair is closely related to skin care, so it makes sense that float therapy can help with that as well. A lot of products used for hair can actually do damage, but salts can help bring hair back to life. It works best by restoring natural shine in hair and clearing it of any messy build up. Most people will notice their hair looking a little thicker after float therapy.

Other Benefits

The skin benefits alone are great, but what are some of the other benefits of float therapy? Here is a closer look at the main ones.

Sleep Improvement

Since float therapy is meant to be a relaxing experience, it can help with sleep issues. This is because floating sessions allow a person to understand what they need to do to wind down from busy days. Relaxation methods are figured out along the way, which can be used later at night. Above all else, learning relaxation techniques can be greatly beneficial from float therapy.

Muscle Recovery

Any type of flotation therapy can help with the reduction of lactic acid in the body, which in turn reduces pain level. A lot of athletes have incorporated float therapy as a way for them to recover much more quickly to get back in the action.

Creativity Boosts

Although it is hard to document, a lot of people cite a creativity boost when talking about all the benefits of float therapy. A lot of this has to do being able to relax and have a free mind during each session. Sometimes, a clear mind can make all the difference in the world for creative thinkers.

How To Find Float Therapy Spas in Your Area?

The best way to find float therapy spas in a specific area is to use DaoCloud. It is a unique resource designed to connect people with sensory deprivation centers as well as float therapy spas all over the United States. It is free to use, and local searches can get people started with the process right away.

Kylie Jenner Before and After Dr. Briggs Cook

6 Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery And Are Proud

Kylie Jenner Before and After Dr. Briggs Cook

The topic of plastic surgery among celebrities used to be taboo in the industry, relegated to whispered insinuations and catty accusations among the rich and beautiful. But in this day and age, with selfie culture in full swing, and when products, techniques, and procedures have improved immensely to make plastic surgery safe, assured and less embarrassing, it comes as no surprise that many stars talk openly about their cosmetic procedures. Here are 6 celebrities who have had plastic surgery and are proud of it:

Cardi B

When Cardi B began sporting a more voluptuous shape, she simply addressed the plastic surgery rumors by confirming that she had breast augmentation done. She called her procedure her “first expensive purchase”, owning up to her new silhouette. Cardi B’s new look fits her personality perfectly well, and the physical changes she has undergone are proof that plastic surgery, when done correctly, can help people change their lives for the better.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Dr. Briggs Cook

The pop star has only admitted to having lip fillers and other “fun stuff” done by her doctor. While she does not go into details about these “fun” stuff, Britney has never looked better. She has appeared fresh-faced and lovely in many of her public appearances, and it appears that her procedures were chosen carefully to maintain her natural good looks. Her lip injections, for example, were done beautifully, and has helped Britney keep her bubbly girl-next-door vibe.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has discussed her plastic surgery procedures publicly, saying that she was happy about the results. The performer underwent a minimally invasive breast augmentation procedure that allowed her to perform onstage just four days after the surgery. She also had a nose procedure that improved the tip of her nose and corrected her deviated septum. After undergoing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, Iggy even sent a shout out to her plastic surgeon, thanking him for his work.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke was one of the handsomest Hollywood actors in the 80s but his foray into boxing damaged his face. While he has admitted openly to having corrective and cosmetic surgeries done to rebuild his nose and cheekbones, Rourke’s case is a cautionary tale for people who are thinking about having procedures done. He has said that he chose the wrong doctor to perform the procedures and have to suffer the consequences as a result of that choice.

Kylie Jenner

Whether or not Kylie Jenner had numerous plastic surgery procedures done on her face is still up for debate and while her before and after photos show a remarkable difference, the successful entrepreneur has only admitted to having lip fillers done. She has since parlayed her now famous lips and show off her new looks to help market her cosmetics line.

Dolly Parton

The talented singer, songwriter, and actress has talked honestly about her cosmetic enhancements. The world-famous country songbird has admitted to her procedures without any problems and has even said that she wasn’t done. Dolly has also shown one of the best approaches for undergoing plastic surgery and has declared that she “may look fake” but she was “real where it counts”.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Many celebrities are born with natural good looks and could probably do well even without going under the scalpel. However, there is no denying the tremendous difference that a safe and well executed plastic surgery procedure can do. Many types of procedures are designed to make subtle changes in one’s looks to create an improved profile and an enhanced shape. These procedures can help repair and remove imperfections to reveal the beauty that is inherent in everyone. If you are ready for a change, visit to learn more about what cosmetic surgery can do for you.

Plastic Surgery Myths Dr. Briggs Cook

4 Plastic Surgery Myths

Plastic Surgery Myths Dr. Briggs Cook

Plastic surgery has been on the rise for years now, and it is easy to see why. It is now easier than ever to find a doctor, set up a consultation and have work done that looks natural. With that being said, there are still some major myths floating around the industry that simply aren’t true these days. Here’s a look at four of the biggest plastic surgery myths out there right now.

Plastic Surgery is Only for WomenPlastic Surgery Men Dr. Briggs E. Cook

Men care about their appearance just like women do. In fact, a recent AACS consumer survey found that 83% of men believe that their appearance plays a role in success professionally. This is not even factoring in the boost in confidence men receive in other parts of their life.

Injections in particular are on the rise with men, because they are simple, temporary (if they decide injectables aren’t ultimately for them), and affordable. Men strive to look youthful just as much as women do. Other popular procedures for men include hair transplantation/restoration, laser hair removal, liposuction and microdermabrasion.

All Plastic Surgeons are the Same

The term “plastic surgery” is pretty broad, and even the very best are only going to be able to specialize in certain areas. Dr. Briggs Cook specializes in eye and facial plastics. A plastic surgeon can have the best materials and equipment in the world, but if they can’t properly use them, the results will still be subpar. There is no autopilot mode since every single patient is unique.

Think of plastic surgeons as artists. It takes a lot of experience, preparation, and patience to get the right type of look during each procedure. The downside to the rising popularity in plastic surgery is that there are a lot surgeons who simply do not take the time or the care to exceed expectations for their patients.

All Botox Injections are the Same

It needs to be cleared up that BOTOX® is a brand name for botulinum toxin. That right there explains that not all injections are the same. There are quite a few different types of injections for people to consider to improve the look of skin.

There are also other types of injectables to consider. Dr. Cook explains all options for people looking to plump up their skin and look younger before going through the actual procedure. He prefers working with patients who are knowledgeable about plastic surgery and ask questions about the right solution for them. What might work for one person might not work for the next to get the best results possible.

Plastic Surgery is Expensive

Is Plastic Surgery Expensive Dr. Briggs E. Cook

The price of plastic surgery continues to plummet, while the quality continues to rise. When plastic surgery first started to become popular, it was hard to find affordable options. It’s very much like receiving an acupuncture treatment these days in terms of price and accessibility. Now that there have been plenty of advances in medicine and technology, prices are affordable for those on nearly any budget. Competition has also helped keep prices affordable for people.

Still seems a little too expensive? Those not able to pay completely out of pocket can also set up a financing option with many plastic surgeons. Dr. Cook offers this service for all patients who don’t want to pay up front. In today’s world with creative options available to everyone crowdfunding could be an option depending on the circumstances the patient is faced with. It is important to discuss finances with the office beforehand so there are no surprises when it comes to the cost of the procedure.

Guide to Selecting Best Plastic Surgeon Dr. Briggs E. Cook

A Quick Guide To Selecting The Best Plastic Surgeon For You

Guide to Selecting Best Plastic Surgeon Dr. Briggs E. Cook

PURE Facial Plastics was founded by Dr. Briggs E. Cook, a board-certified surgeon that specializes in eye and facial plastic surgery procedures. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Duke University, Dr. Cook earned his M.D. at John Hopkins University of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, completed his residency in ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic, and his Fellowship in eye and facial surgery at the University of Madison in Wisconsin. Dr. Cook is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and has authored numerous published works in the fields of oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery, surgical enhancements and surgical procedure. Here is his quick guide to selecting the best plastic surgeon for you.

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask is Vital

Questions Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Briggs E. Cook

Hiring a surgeon for enhancements or reconstructive surgery is a very important decision that must be made only after performing the appropriate amount of due diligence. The heaviest considerations should be in the areas of the surgeon’s qualifications, credentials and experience level, referrals from previous patients, associated costs and the facilities where the procedures will be performed.

Word Of Mouth Referrals Are the Most Trusted

Referrals from family and friends are proven to be the best, most honest source of information when screening plastic surgeons. It is important to speak to people whom you trust, and who have worked with plastic surgeons in the past. Ask them about their experience, the facility, the procedure and the post-op care they received. Was the final result everything they were promised it would be? Unlike calling the doctor’s offices one-by-one, your circle of friends will give you honest, unbiased answers to your questions rather than making excuses or sugar-coating their answers.

Specializations, Credentials and Qualifications Matter

They say the most important factor in getting a job done right is having the right tools for the job, plastic surgery is no exception. For example, you wouldn’t want someone who specializes in and knows the benefits of colon hydrotherapy working on your face. When you are looking for an eye or facial surgeon be sure that the staff are capable and highly-trained in that particular field of study. Dr. Briggs E. Cook Jr. has laser-focused his expertise in the field of ocular and facial surgery and reconstruction in an effort to become the most experienced in his field. He has personally made invaluable contributions to his specific science in the form of published medical journals and improvements in surgical procedures.

You Get What You Pay For

While the cost of a surgical procedure is certainly a relevant point, it should never be the deciding factor when considering a surgeon or medical practice. While there may be cheaper alternatives on the market for the procedure you are considering, the patient must ask themselves what the doctor is sacrificing in order to cut the costs. It is not cheap to train staff, sterilize tools, obtain state-of-the-art imaging equipment, and operate a professional medical practice; the doctor who doesn’t charge even market price is clearly skipping some step or other and the patient should be wary of going under the knife there.

Online Reviews Are Great Sources of Information

Dr. Briggs E. Cook Review

Lastly, in your search for a reputable, qualified plastic surgeon be sure to spend some time reading reviews posted online. Sites like are excellent sources of date from actual previous patients and you can learn a lot about the doctor, the support staff, methodology, and follow up care post operation. Don’t base your decision solely on these comments but use them as another tool in your formidable arsenal.